About us

About us

We are a Polish software development company that started in 2012. Soon after, we started the NACVIEW project which became our main product. From the beginning we have had one goal: to increase the security of companies and institutions by providing them with the ability to control access to the network.

True-life innovation

Work on the NACVIEW system has its origins at the PoznaƄ University of Technology. The product was created out of the real needs of this university, which could not find a product on the market that would meet its expectations. Thus we filled the market gap by creating a network administration tool that has never existed before: innovative, automated and extremely easy to use.

Growth perspective

Today, NACVIEW secures the networks of many institutions like hospitals, universities, government institutions, and small and large enterprises. The quality of our product makes us unique in the field of network access control systems. We owe our success primarily to our clients who challenge and motivate us to continue development and to reach for newer and newer solutions.