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NACVIEW is an access control system for the organization's IT network. It allows you to easily manage the user and device database and create access policies for wired and wireless networks. NACVIEW is one of the basic elements essential for the proper and full secure of the company's IT network.

Identify internal threats

The security of the computer network, and what's related to it, also of the information gathered and processed by the organization, is one of the most crucial challenges for a modern company. While threats from the Internet are progressively better identified and properly addressed, the issue of security of access to the internal network is often omitted or even ignored. Meanwhile, neglect of this area can lead to many dangerous consequences.

User-friendly interface

Easy to use and clean design


Support for the largest manufacturers of network equipment

An innovative presentation of addressing

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The system is open for integration with any switches and wireless networks


The product has been tested and implemented in many cases


High Availability included in price

What might be the consequences of unauthorized access to the LAN?

  • Obtainment of an access by an unauthorized user to servers, databases and other organization resources, bypassing the firewall

  • The possibility to input a malware to an unsecured LAN network by an end device of unknown origin

  • Easy network scanning by an unauthorized user and recognition of its devices and systems

  • Use of an unauthorized Internet access from the organization's network

Secure wired access to the network

Each wired network can be accessed through network sockets located in the building as well as outside of it, e.g. by using the infrastructure of video monitoring system. Despite the belief of some administrators it is virtually impossible to block physical access to a wired network. That is why it is so important for the organization to have a system that will be an impassable barrier for unauthorized persons and devices.

NACVIEW enables an authentication and authorization of an access to the network for users and their end network devices. Works with the vast majority of end devices available on the market. Just in a few simple steps the system administrator can design and implement a policy of granting permissions to adequate users to adequate network resources. Additional conditions taken into account are: the device and its type (e.g. laptop, desktop, smartphone), the physical connection point to the network (location or even a specific network socket), the day of the week and time of the day. NACVIEW system by enforcing access policies significantly increases the level of security of the entire network.


Secure wireless access to the network

Data transmission in today's wireless networks is secured by encryption protocol WAP2-AES. Used algorithm provides a very high level of security, but does not allow you to protect your network from unauthorized access. Shared access to the WiFi network is a problem. In wireless networks, access password is transferred to a larger number of users. Often it's a simple one and it can be easily broken by dictionary methods. In addition, these passwords are rarely changed due to the problematic nature of such an operation. All of this means that despite the usage of very secure encryption methods, wireless networks are poorly protected.

Thanks to the NACVIEW system, wireless transmission is encrypted with long and complex keys that can't be broken. In addition, each user's key is different, which allows controlling each user individually. It is also possible to cut off individual users who shouldn't have access to the network (e.g., they left the company). With NACVIEW, it is possible to create a WiFi network with the same SSID, in which different users receive different access permissions to network resources.

Get to know network users

To effectively protect the network from unauthorized access, the administrator must have adequate knowledge about all the network users and the tools to manage them. Often in companies, the user database already exist, for example Active Directory. Therefore, it is important to have the ability to easily integrate with them.

The NACVIEW system provides the option to easily manage user accounts regardless of their source, which may be a local database or external databases. Thanks to this, information about a specific person is added to the IP or MAC address, which allows for the easier tracking of its activity. In addition, NACVIEW allows you to create specific access policies based on knowledge of specific user or group of users. It allows even easier to manage the network access and getting an information about authorized sessions, granted IP addresses, MAC addresses, places of connections to the network and registered devices becomes easier.


Detect and monitor end devices

The condition for maintaining a secure IT environment in the organization is to control which devices have the option of logging into the network. Especially today, when employees and guests have private mobile devices, which they can use in the company network. IT administrators must ensure to not compromise the organization's resources for data loss and the risk of malware infection.

NACVIEW enables the identification and classification of end devices that can connect to the network. In a few simple steps an administrator can specify which end devices are authorized to use the organization's network resources. NACVIEW allows creating device profiles that link MAC addresses of network interfaces to specific computers. These profiles allow to assign devices to specific user accounts and allow to manage IP addressing by using an integrated DHCP server. In addition, they can easily be used to configure network access policies.

Easy system administration

All knowledge about the network and users will be useless if we don't add to it useful tools for analysis, monitoring, and reporting.

NACVIEW system is an intuitive and simple tool, which allows controlling access to organization's network resources. Option to configure the accurate reports send periodically on the e-mail allows monitoring condition of the network. Once implemented, the system will ease the administrator, and at the same time enable constant management of access to the network and provide tools to support everyday work.

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