The industry sector relies heavily on digital hardware and systems to control day-to-day operations. Both production machines and control systems are becoming more and more automated. Thus, they increase efficiency and reduce costs, but unfortunately, it is also associated with an increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks.
To prevent disruptions in operation, enterprises must constantly control access to their network, monitor it and detect threats in real-time. Each infected device, inadequately secured network ports or inadequately functioning network devices may cause production downtime and thus cause huge financial losses. It is because of potential disruptions to the production line that this sector needs specific network protection measures..


Manufacturing industry challenges

  • Connecting all production devices to the network
  • Quick response time to potential threats
  • Providing technicians / service technicians with immediate access to production systems
  • Separation of the office network from the production network and granting access to them according to specific rules
  • Maintaining the trust of customers and contractors

Network devices monitoring

Ensure proper operation of network devices and prevent their failure. With NACVIEW you can view detailed information about the device's health, including CPU usage, memory usage and network port load.

Alerts and automation

Receive real-time alerts about threats. NACVIEW effectively cuts off potentially dangerous devices from the network and notifies administrators about it at the same time. Such action is taken automatically on the basis of log analysis sent to the system from other security systems such as Firewall, SIEM, UTM, etc.

Double authorization validation by MAC address

Secure your ports and protect your network from any unwanted device or user. Industrial network devices usually do not have an 802.1X supplicant. Therefore, to prevent an unauthorized person from entering the production network, use the validation built into the NACVIEW system, which, thanks to appropriate protocols, verifies each device before granting access to the network.

Switch configurations

Avoid network device configuration errors. NACVIEW allows you to compare the current switch configuration with the historical ones, thanks to which you will avoid configuration errors or quickly remove incorrectly introduced changes.

Inventory module

Remember about formalities. Thanks to a detailed inventory of all devices, an event log and tasks list, you can view the complete history of the device and never forget about end of support or a service contract.

Better network segmentation

Divide the network into segments to determine the rules for accessing them. In the case of production companies, where many elements affect the proper functioning of the enterprise, network segmentation is an absolute necessity. Thanks to detailed access policies, you can assign specific devices to appropriate network areas.