Answers to frequently asked questions

To get a price for the implementation of the NACVIEW system, contact our business partner (Partners List ) or write to us at or mail Us office@nacview.com
The system can be purchased through our partner sales network. You can find the Partners List or write to us at office@nacview.com
NACVIEW is an independent system. This means that it provides seamless communication and support for devices from all manufacturers of network equipment.
At least one managed switch is required.
No, implementing the system does not have to mean replacing network devices. However, it should be remembered that more advanced network devices allow you to take full advantage of the system's functionalities.
Recommended switch parameters, communication standards:
  • IEEE 802.1Q - vlan support
  • IEEE 802.1x – EAP authentication, MAB - support for external radius servers
  • RFC 3576, RFC 5176 – CoA support
  • RFC 1157 (v.1), RFC 1441 (v.2), RFC 2570 (v.3) – monitoring support
No, the system can run agentless. However, it should be remembered that the installed agent allows you to use additional system functionalities. You can read more about the NACVIEW agent at https://nacview.com/en/content/unlimited-nacview-agent
The NACVIEW system is available as software for a virtual appliance or as a hardware appliance with installed software.
As a standard, we provide software for Vmware or Hyper-V, but it is also possible to prepare the software for other virtual machines.
Yes, the full functionality of the software is available for a period of 60 days.
Yes, license overruns are allowed in two months out of the last five monitored months. However, if during the verification period any 3 months of the monitored 5 months were recorded as not meeting the assumptions of the purchased license, a notification will be sent to the system administrator with the information that an insufficient software license has been purchased.
The system can be purchased as a perpetual license with support, as a multi-tenant perpetual license with support payable on the actual number of licenses generated, or as an annual subscription with support included in the price.