Integration with Stormshield

Integration between security systems is crucial in providing ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access). It improves customer company network resilience by providing centralized monitoring, streamlined workflows, improved threat detection, faster incident response, enhanced scalability and flexibility.

That is why one of the parts of developing the NACVIEW system is to empower it with the ability to integrate with solutions used by our current and future customers.

Tests with Stormshield firewall proved that there are many possibilities of integration:

One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication for VPN connections (Stormshield VPN Client)

To enable it Stormshield must be configured in NACVIEW as a network device. The second condition is that the user has the Stormshield VPN Client. The first stage of verifying the user's identity is checking his credentials in the local NACVIEW database or an external one, e.g. Active Directory. If the login and password are correct, the account is active and the resource is properly configured, the second stage of validation takes place. NACVIEW sends the user an SMS with a verification code, or the code from the NACVIEW Google Authenticator or Google Authenticator app is used which must be entered into the Stormshield VPN Client. After correct verification of the code and its validity, access to specific network resources is granted.

Automatic response for incident alerts received from Stormshield.

To enable it syslog sending must be configured between Stormshield (sender) and NACVIEW (receiver) and rules (events definitions) must be configured. That integration enables organizations to detect and mitigate security threats more effectively and maintain a secure network environment. Potentially dangerous devices could be easily traced in the company network and afterward, quarantine those devices and alert notifications to the security administrator or the Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel, providing them with real-time information about the detected threat.

Stormshield can also issue a "rating" for a given computer/user, and integration via API empowers NACVIEW to quarantine noncompliant devices based on their rating.

If you would like to test more possible integration, write to us on

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