The NACVIEW system is available for various virtual machines.

NACVIEW system is popular among big concern with many branches like among single-site companies. Therefore, to meet customer needs and enable them to easily implement the solution, we are constantly increasing the number of available virtualization platforms on which it is possible to install the system.

NACVIEW for instant download is available as a virtual platform for Vmware or Hyper-V. Additionally, we provide software to be installed on Proxmox, Citrix Hypervisor, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and, what is new, Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). Synology Virtual Machine Manager should be very popular, as many companies already have such a tool in stock, or the possible purchase of a Synology NAS server should not involve a large expense. We also recommend the Synology for larger implementations, where we recommend using it to run another remote node.

If you would like to run NACVIEW in a different virtual environment, please contact us.

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