The application included in every license with no additional cost


The NACVIEW Assistant can immediately configure the network on the end device, without knowing passwords or involving the IT department. Because the configurator has been automated, the end user can easily and quickly connect to the selected network on his own.

Support for most
common systems

NACVIEW Assistant supports the most popular operating systems - both mobile and desktop (PC) devices. Windows, macOS, iOS and Android software.


Users can download the NACVIEW Assistant installer via the so-called Captive Portal. It is a website dedicated to end users, from which they can download the application and their configuration file.

Easy to use

The administrator, using the NACVIEW system, can easily create and edit configurations. You can choose the type of authorization (PEAP / TLS), operating system, expiry date, or wireless network. There is also a possibility to edit the default messages addressed to the user.

NACVIEW Assistant