Can an access control system be effectively implemented in multi-domain networks?

Regardless of the size of the organization and the number of its branches, the most convenient solution for the administrator managing the network is to use a single AD domain. Not only due to lower costs, but also simplicity in maintenance and management, or even recovery in the event of a failure. Unfortunately, the specificity of operation of many organizations requires the implementation of many independent AD domains.

It is often determined by the structure of a given company, legal requirements, business need or the desire to isolate critical company resources.

So is there an effective NAC system that can control access to a network of users from multiple independent domains?

The solution is the NACVIEW system. NACVIEW can be implemented in a multi-domain environment where domains are completely separate from each other. Support for users from multiple domains without the configuration of two-way trust between them is a functionality thanks to which the implementation of the system does not force changes to the network architecture.

Integration in environments with multiple domains very often concerns universities where the separation of information about employees and students is a key issue. Separate domains are created at the university for employee accounts and resources, and for student accounts and resources. The NACVIEW system enables simple and easy control of access to the university network for users, regardless of the domain they come from.

Find out which elements of the system are most often used by organizations in your industry.

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