The application included in every license with no additional cost


The application sends information about the device on which it is installed to the NACVIEW system, thanks to allowing perform endpoint posture assessments to ensure security and compliance requirements are met prior to devices connecting to the corporate network. These requirements may relate, for example, to keeping the antivirus system up to date. In a situation where the requirements are not met - the device may be denied network access.

Support for most
common systems

NACVIEW Scout supports the most popular desktop device (PC) operating systems. Windows, Linux and macOS software.

with users

The NACVIEW system enables communication with end users who have the NACVIEW Scout application installed on their devices. The administrator can send them any message, e.g. with the reason for blocking access to the network.


Scout collects and verifies information to health check and policies such as:

  • updating the antivirus system,
  • operating system update,
  • system disk encryption,
  • operating system firewall,
  • required processes,
  • required files and directories,
  • required registries in the Windows operating system.


In addition to the traditional method of installing the application, it is also possible to distribute it via GPO or Captive Portal. Publication by GPO is a remote installation of the application on all devices belonging to a given group of objects or an administrative unit. Captive Portal is a portal for end users, from which they can download the installer and their configuration file.


A user who has been assigned the appropriate permissions by the administrator can use the application to change the VLAN in which his device is currently located. This is an additional function that allows you to quickly adapt the network structure to changes in the organization (e.g. changing the user's work position).