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NACVIEW is a Network Access Control solutions.

It allows to control endpoints and identities that try to access the network - wired and wireless, including VPN connections.

Thanks to the combination of NAC and extensive monitoring functionality, NACVIEW is an essential element for the proper and complete protection of the company's IT network.

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Poznan University of Technology

"The implementation of the NACVIEW system at the university and its integration with other systems allowed us to obtain a comprehensive network access control solution and the related increase in the level of infrastructure security. We have also gained considerable flexibility in the rational management of public IP addresses and the management of the address space as such. Integration of the system with the university's human resources system and the study service system enabled the automatic granting and blocking of access to the network for students starting or completing studies or employees starting or ending employment at the university."

Artur Wawrzyniak,
Deputy Head of the Service and Exploitation Department, Poznan University of Technology

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Find out how NACVIEW meets requirements specific to various industries.


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